About Mary Lynn

With her I am able to explore the aspects of myself and my ministry that I feel good about, and those, frankly, that embarrass me. With her, I never feel judged, nor do I feel like a project. She has an uncanny ability to see things from my vantage point while holding a more objective distance. From that position she’s able to help me see my blind spots and identify new habits and strategies for growth. She listens extremely well, and then at just the right moment is able to ask a pointed question that opens up new vistas of understanding. And she always helps to ground me at the end of a session so that I feel empowered to put new insights into practice.
— Dr. Chris Neufeld-Erdman
I would go listen to Mary Lynn talk about cement drying. Every word out of her mouth feels like wisdom.
Mary Lynn was great. Her personality was altogether creative/engaging and serious/authentic. I felt like her authenticity helped me to trust her more quickly which accelerated my movement into the CREDO experience.
Mary Lynn made even the dry parts fun.
— CREDO participants

It all started when...

I attended a coaching seminar, wondering -

"What's a coach?"

I was curious. After learning some of the whats and hows of coaching, while practice-coaching another classmate, something within me said, 

"You were made for this."

I knew it was true. Because deep listening is one of the aspects of being a pastor that I have enjoyed the most.  (A pastor??? Yep. Learn more if you're interested): 

                        pastor mary Lynn


Magical moments occur when we listen well. I've found that when I combine what I hear, see and experience in our conversations and trust my intuition, my clients and I are led into unexpected and fruitful places. We discover the profound truths of who you are, which carry us far beyond events and roles and personalities. 


I love working with groups of people - especially in a workshop-type setting.  I'm fortunate enough to get to do that regularly as a faculty team leader for a wellness program of the Presbyterian Church: 


I also pull people together in seminars to learn about the type of energies we all have and what unique set of energies motivates them in work and in their personal life. For that, we use the 

Core Values Index

Presenting new material is exciting, but what I most enjoy is the interactions we have - especially participants' faces reflecting personal flashes of discovery and insight.


I'm a singer and guitarist in a folk/rock band; a river kayaker; hiker; movie lover and avid reader. I have been married to the same guy for xxxx  years (long enough)! and we have one adult child who lives in CO with his wife. I don't like coffee. I'm sorry.