The Core Values Index

        Free!*  CLICK and discover the gift of YOU. 

        Free!*  CLICK and discover the gift of YOU. 

The CVI™ is an online inventory that measures and reveals our deepest motivations: the driving forces behind our actions in both our professional and personal lives. It takes 10 minutes to take the inventory and you receive the results immediately.*

With the results of your CVI™ in hand, we will discover which activities naturally energize you as well as which drain you. Then we will identify any "disconnects" between how the CVI™ reveals you are "built" and the demands of your position.  

Finally, we can then work on ways to manage those disconnects in ways that you can be more effective - at work, in your home, and in your community.

The CVI™ is the only human assessment process that provides 94% repeat score reliability, year over year. This factor makes the CVI™ the only assessment that can and should be used as a pre-screening tool for employment application processes.

*The free version gives you a GENERAL explanation of your type. If you would like more personalized information with your actual scores, the cost is $49.95. We can do a bit more if we have the scores, but both versions are helpful and there is no pressure to purchase. Completely up to you. Honest.